MRC's Bozell Hits Media for Meekly Accepting Obama's Restrictions on Mexican Border Crisis Coverage

"Imagine after Katrina that reporters are getting ready to go to New Orleans, and the Bush administration says to reporters, now one thing: no recording devices, no questions, no interacting with staff or children, no photos, and no interviews, but other than that you can cover Katrina," MRC president Brent Bozell noted on this afternoon's Your World with Neil Cavuto. He observed that the media's response would be that it was "fascistic" to impose such "demands on the press." Fast forward to now with the  Obama administration slapping these sort of restrictions on the media on the U.S. border with Mexico, and the press are taking it lying down rather than telling "the Obama administration to go fly a kite." 

"This is an administration that is becoming unglued.... They are reacting with panic the way the Chicago machine reacts where they're just trying to ram down the throats of the public the rules as they see fit," Bozell argued, adding "they are breaking the Constitution at every level. This seems to be the First Amendment that's threatened by these people." [watch the full segment by pressing play on the embed below the page break]

"Where are the stories, other than Fox as usual... about Obama going to Texas for fundraisers but won't go to the border to visit this?" Bozell asked rhetorically, answering, "Why? Because the optics are so horrifying, with the president being amongst the squalor his administration created."

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