Sean Hannity, Brent Bozell Discuss 'Revolving Door' Between Media and Team Obama

April 24th, 2014 2:01 PM

Sean Hannity interviewed MRC president Brent Bozell on his Fox News show on Wednesday night. The topic? MRC research on the revolving door between the “objective” media and the Obama administration, which now has a list of 30 people.

“This is out of control,” said Bozell. “We've been looking at this since 1987. And that revolving door is always there. It's always predominantly liberal Democrats going into politics or going from politics into journalism. But in the last several years it's on steroids.” Start with the 1 pm and 2 pm hosts on MSNBC (video, transcript below):


HANNITY: Let's go through, I guess we have a top five. For example, look. NBC as we have discussed many times of this program, there are basically just an extension of the Obama press office. Now you're pointing out, and I didn't know this, that you have two of their anchors that they recently hired that literally broke for Obama now have full hours of their own on the Obama channel, on NBC?

BOZELL: Look at this, Ronan Farrow who worked for the State Department in the Obama administration, he now runs the 1:00 hour as the sole anchor for MSNBC. Joy Reid was in the press campaign for the Obama 2008 campaign. She now heads up the hour for MSNBC, both of them presenting themselves as anchors. For starters, what you need to do as a requirement is to recuse yourself from covering that which you are intimately involved with.

HANNITY: Let me --

BOZELL: You have to recuse yourself.

HANNITY: Look, well, you do and you don't. As long as you identify - - I would argue I am the only conservative that says he's a conservative that has a nightly news cable show. I don't know any other cable host that identifies themself as a conservative. I am a proud Reagan conservative. Do you know of any other host that does that? I'm a registered conservative.

BOZELL: The interesting thing is conservatives never have that problem, Sean. You don't have a problem, Mark Levin has no problem with that. Rush Limbaugh has no problem with. If you're not going to recuse yourself, then full disclosure, and disclose the fact that if I'm covering Barack Obama, the president, I used to work for the man.

HANNITY: I agree.

BOZELL: When you don't do it, it's dishonest.