MRC's Brent Bozell Reviews Our Worst Media Quotes of 2013 on FNC's 'Hannity'

January 3rd, 2014 9:29 AM

When he revealed to Fox News Channel viewers the winner of the Media Research Center's liberal media Quote of the Year, substitute host Eric Bolling couldn't "run the actual footage" of the description of the disgusting scatalogical treatment that former MSNBC Martin Bashir wished on Sarah Palin "because it's too obscene" for television, MRC founder and president Brent Bozell noted on the January 2 edition of Hannity.

What's also obscene, Bozell complained, was how MSNBC executives never expressed any disgust at Bashir's comments (video below):

BOZELL: It talks about defecating in her mouth. That's what was put on there on a planned segment. It took 19 days for this man to resign, he was never fired for this, and on top of that, they praised him, Comcast praised him as a good man when he resigned after doing that.

Brent was also outraged at Executive Editor Richard Wolffe for sneering about "Obama haters" looking delusional, like lost Japanese soldiers after World War II was over:

WOLFFE: I'm tempted to say these are the biggest "losers" because this is the ObamaCare haters. You know, they really thought they had that moment. The health care site was just ready to fail completely, this was the last chance that they could stop this train wreck. And then it got fixed. And then people started to get better health care. And all of those individual stories that they globbed on to and said, "Look, someone didn't get the health care," it turned out to be untrue. I'm afraid they are like those apocryphal people fighting the Second World War on a lost island somewhere in the Pacific. They'll still be there, but health care will have moved on.

Brent replied this is no time for triumphalism:

BOZELL: What planet do these people live on? The idea that it's fixed? There are millions of people who are knocked off their insurance, tens of millions more who are going to be knocked off their health insurance, because this man lied. And what’s this business about suddenly, people are getting better health care? Where can he back this up anywhere? By the way, those Obama haters? That’s well over 50 percent of the American population that doesn’t want this law.