KosKooks: IRS Should Investigate Conservative 'Scam Artists', 'Political Grifters'

May 11th, 2013 2:09 PM

With yesterday's news of the IRS apology for intentionally targeting conservative groups, left-wing activists were seen choking on their gluten-free soy lattes. And nowhere was the sulking more apparent than at the DailyKos, the East Bay-based "progressive" website.

With the obligatory teabag image accompanying his rant, KosKook Jed Lewison took exception to others calling for an investigation of the IRS, instead demanding a federal push against "scam artists" and "political grifters" (meaning anyone not on the extreme left).



For their part, Kos readers had a mixed reaction, with some approval for government suppression of "teabaggers" and others worried how this might come back to haunt the left down the road:


I'm not sure how a responsible agency could NOT target a group or individual whose slogan is "Taxed Enough Already". Wouldn't most intelligent people assume those are the ones who are likely to cheat--by their own f-cking admission? On a related note, I would feel a lot less secure if I knew or thought the government was NOT keeping a close eye on Teabaggers who routinely threaten the government with armed rebellion and uprising. Will we hear an apology on that front some day, too? As we all know, a government apology is as useful as a used condom. by DaddyO


I hate teabaggers, but this is just wrong, because next time a Conservative government is in power, they can turn the tables and do this to Progressive groups. Just because I hate them doesn't mean they don't have rights. by DruidQueen


First find a basis to believe they are all grifters, then look at them. If the groups with teaparty or patriot in their names turned out to be more likely than others to be shams, then I'd have no problem with more scrutiny. But until they show themselves to be like a fax from Nigeria, it's bad policy. by Inland


Good to know a handful of lefties oppose a crackdown on free speech, or is it merely self-serving fear of future retribution?