CNN Weatherman: Don't Laugh! Cold Temps Come from Global Warming

We were amused by this one. In the 1 pm hour, CNN meteorologist Chad Myers was talking about the frigid temperatures in the eastern United States. Guess the culprit? As always, global warming.

"So what's causing all of this cold air? If I tell you and I look at you straight in the face and tell you global warming, you're going to laugh at me. But in fact, it's the case." At least he didn't applaud Obama's inaugural comments about climate-change policy: 

MYERS: Because there's no sea ice up in the Arctic, the Arctic is warmer than it should be. In fact, Quebec is colder than the Arctic. When this happens, when this kind of surface happens, there's not cold air just pounded over here, right over Santa Claus, the jet stream is allowed to expand farther to the south. And because the jet stream is expanding farther to the south, the cold air that should be bottled up here, making more sea ice and it's not, now expands into China, expands into Russia, and all the way down to the U.S. And that's exactly the position we're in right now.

PS: Years ago, Myers dared to be a bit more skeptical on this politically loaded issue.

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