Brit Hume: During My Entire Career Media Have Been Biased But Tilt ‘More Intense This Year’

On September 25, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell was joined by numerous other conservatives in an open letter to ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN executives protesting their blatant bias and noting that they are encouraging Americans to get their news from other, more balanced sources.

The following night, Fox News's Greta Van Susteren referenced the letter in a segment with fellow FNCer Brit Hume, who noted that while every presidential election he's covered he's observed the media's bias against the Republican candidate, that this year is markedly different in the intensity of that bias (watch the video embedded below the page break):

There's nothing new about the bias. I think it's more intense this year, exemplified really in two ways. One is the extraordinary coverage given to any slip by Mitt Romney and the contrasting lack of such coverage by things that President Obama says and does.

And the most conspicuous example, of course, Greta, is this most recent comparison between Romney's sharp initial and probably poorly timed reaction to the events in Egypt and Libya and subsequently elsewhere, which dominated coverage for several days.
In the meantime, this truly horrible thing happened in Libya, the administration couldn't get its story straight about what had happened, it couldn't get its story right about what had happened. It was a phenom- it took a week, I mean, days after when anyone with eyes to see could tell that this had been an organized attack and in all likelihood a terrorist attack, the administration was putting its people out, famously on the Sunday show with Susan Rice making what, four or five appearances to say this was all a result of that ridiculous video.
This was an astonishingly amateurish performance, and it is only now, in recent days, that we're beginning to get the kind of coverage, searching coverage from mainstream media outlets that we should have had from the beginning.
It's a wonderful example of the difference in the coverage of the two men.
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