Bozell Slams 'Shocking' Attempt By Media to 'Kneecap Mitt Romney'

NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell appeared on Thursday night's Hannity and angrily denounced the big three networks for trashing Mitt Romney's foreign trip, what Bozell called "a clear-cut example of an agenda to kneecap" the presumptive Republican nominee. During the "Media Mash" segment, Bozell cited a new MRC report that found an astonishing 86 percent of stories about Romney's international visit wallowed in supposed "gaffes." (See Bozell's statement on the subject here.)

While in London, Romney highlighted Olympic security problems.  Bozell exposed, "The very same thing that Mitt Romney was accused of gaffing about is exactly what Brian Williams reported as news one week before." "It's shocking," the MRC president added.

Bozell also mocked Chris Matthews for, yet again, fawning over Bill Clinton. Hannity played a clip of the Hardball host gushing about the announcement that Clinton will have a high profile role in the Democratic National Convention.

Matthews marveled, "Bill Clinton, Bubba, the big dog, Elvis, how many names of endearment will he carry before the love affair comes to an end?" The MSNBC anchor predicted this would be a "hot night in Charlotte."

Bozell joked, "[Matthews is] so out of control, they are going to have to label MSNBC 'S for sexual content'...He is really crossing a very bizarre line here.

Of the link between the current president and the last Democratic commander in chief, Bozell observed, "Barack Obama's policies have repudiated Bill Clinton."

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