NB's Graham on 'Cavuto': Media Acting As Mere 'Stenographers' for Obama Campaign Rhetoric

The liberal media generally but the Associated Press in particular are acting as mere "stenographers" for Barack Obama, failing to scrutinize the president's campaign rhetoric about the economy, NewsBusters senior editor Tim Graham noted on today's Your World with Neil Cavuto.

"As much as they say they hate being stenographers to power, this really is what we're seeing in this reelection year, and that is, oh, well, Obama said this today and Obama's going to do this today, and they don't seem to come up with any troublesome facts or counter-arguments," the Media Research Center director of media analysis told Stuart Varney, who was substitute-hosting the April 19 program. [MP3 audio here; watch the full segment in the video embedded below]

The media simply want to chalk all credit for any economic improvement in swing states like Ohio and Michigan to President Obama while overlooking what role Republican governors elected in 2010 had to play in the economy picking up, Graham argued.

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