Video: NB Publisher Brent Bozell Hits the Media's 'Purposeful Character Assassination' of Romney

While the news media has a professional "obligation to get it right," liberal network news anchor last week set out to "purposefully" take Mitt Romney's "fire people" comment out of context, Fox News host Sean Hannity complained on his January 13 program.

But it's not only "purposeful distortion" but "purposeful character assassination" by the liberal media added NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell, who appeared via satellite for the popular recurring "Media Mash" feature. [MP3 audio available here; video embedded below page break]

"I can guarantee you, Sean, that if this were the Democrats and somebody was taking something that they were saying out of context that every single reporter would be on the news correcting the record so that America would know exactly what that candidate had said," the Media Research Center founder and president added. "Now they're doing the exact opposite."

Also discussed during the "Media Mash" segment was the biased agenda of questions at the ABC and NBC debates that preceded the New Hampshire primary.

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