Media Mash: Bashing Michele Bachmann Edition

While the media have been using fact-checker PolitiFact to bash Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) for her gaffes and misstatements of fact, the MSM have been silent about the same organization counting 39 "barely true" statements from Barack Obama and 49 that were outright "false."

"In 29 months, you know how many network stories have been done on Barack Obama and his falsehoods?" NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell asked Fox News host Sean Hannity on the June 29 "Hannity."

Just one, Bozell noted, from the ABC network.

[see the "Media Mash" segment in the video embedded below]


Also discussed in the "Media Mash" segment was the media's penchant for tagging GOP presidential hopefuls such as Bachmann as too far to the right.

"Why can't they just call a conservative a conservative?" Bozell asked. "Why is every conservative, Sean Hannity, too far right, radical right, extreme right? There's no such thing as just a pure conservative."

"By the way, in the media's mind's eye, there's no such thing as a pure liberal either," the Media Research Center founder noted:

Did you now at this point four years ago they hadn't named a single Democrat a liberal. Not one.... Not Hillary Clinton, not Joe Biden, not John Edwards, and not the most far-left candidate for the presidency of the United States in the history of this country, Barack Obama. And yet Michele Bachmann is too conservative [to the media].

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