Media Mash: Palin Bus Tour Derangement Edition

Sarah Palin is "running against the press, mocking them," NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell argued on the June 2 edition of "Hannity," pointing to the media's consternation over the former Alaska governor's bus tour.

"She's having a field day running against them" and "knows exactly what she's doing," the Media Research Center founder added, pointing to polls showing Americans largely distrust liberal media outlets like the broadcast networks.


Bozell and Hannity also discussed how the media have persistently dismissed Palin's chances of winning the presidency in 2012, even as they obsessively tail her tour bus:

SEAN HANNITY: [The media are saying] but please, Gov. Palin, come on our shows. Come on, because, you're good for ratings. People want to hear from you, but you can't be president, but come on anyway. Pretty interesting.


BRENT BOZELL: Two points here, Sean. These are the same quote unquote experts who told you that Nixon couldn't win. They're the same experts who said that Reagan couldn't win in 1980.


HANNITY: Or Clinton, or Carter.


BOZELL: These are the same experts that four years ago told us that Obama couldn't win against Hillary Clinton, and now they're passing judgment on her? And if they're so right about this, you're right, Sean, why do they have her on the air every two minutes? What does that say about them?

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