Ex-Democratic Pol Eliot Spitzer Objects to NewsBusters’ Coverage: ‘I’m Not Biased’

“I’m not biased,” CNN host and ex-Democratic politician Eliot Spitzer told NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell on In the Arena Monday night. Bozell was on CNN to talk about the budget fight and his 800,000 member grassroots political organization, ForAmerica, but Spitzer first wanted to ask about various NewsBusters items documenting his liberal approach, particularly about the recent budget showdown.

“Brent Bozell is a self-described right-wing voice who takes on what he views as the liberal media bias,” Spitzer began the segment. “Through his Media Research Center and NewsBusters web site, lately, my coverage of the budget and deficit reduction has been featured as bias. So I thought it would be fun and maybe insightful to bring him on and talk about what he sees as my one-sided coverage.” (Partial video clip below the fold).

Budget Economy Eliot Spitzer Brent Bozell

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