'Media Mash': Egypt Protest Edition

"These reporters are going to eat their words in a big way,"  NewsBusters publisher and Media Research Center founder Brent Bozell predicted on last night's "Hannity" regarding the mainstream media personalities who have credited President Obama with the popular uprising against dictator Hosni Mubarak in Egypt:

What happens when the government crumbles? What happens when this country is reduced to utter anarchy? What happens when the killings begin and the death begins? Are they still going to credit Barack Obama's soaring oratory for that, or are they going to separate them? What happens if an Islamic caliphate takes over? Are they going to credit his soaring oratory at that point? No they won't.

Indeed, Fox News host Sean Hannity noted during the February 3 "Media Mash" segment, the media have glossed over the radicalism of the Islamic Brotherhood, portraying the Islamist movement as a benign force for democratic reform, not as an extremist group that would impose sharia law in Egypt.

"Sean, it's embarrassing, isn't it?" Bozell reacted to a montage of reporters praising the Muslim Brotherhood. Reporters like NBC's Richard Engel  "are useful idiots" when it comes to the threat of radical Islam taking the helm of the Egyptian ship of state:

HANNITY: There's a very good chance that the radicals get in charge of Egypt now, and I wonder how these people making these proclamations will feel if in fact that very real danger becomes a reality.


BOZELL: Easy. They'll blame it on Bush.

For the full segment, watch the video embedded above or click here for MP3 audio.

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