'Media Mash': Bozell and Hannity Address MRC Study on Anti-Arizona Bias

August 2nd, 2010 1:20 PM
"You're talking about brainwashing, when by a 10-to-1 margin, they [the broadcast media] attack Arizona," Media Research Center (MRC) founder Brent Bozell told Sean Hannity on the "Media Mash" segment on the July 30 "Hannity" program.

The NewsBusters publisher was commenting on an MRC study that found in a 3-month survey [April 23 - July 25] of the three broacast networks, that of 120 stories Arizona immigration law stories aired, 77 were negative compared to just 8 positive and 35 neutral. Additionally, there was a roughly 2-to-1 disparity [ 216 to 107] when it come to anti- vs. pro-SB1070 comments on those news stories.

"Here's the reality of the situation: the American people by 10-to-1 want border security. So the media are doing the exact opposite of what the American people want," Bozell concluded.

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