'Media Mash': Bozell Addresses Media Bewilderment at Obama's Low Poll Numbers

Appearing on the Fox News Channel "Hannity" program last night, NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell tackled the media's bewilderment that Obama's legislative successes aren't translating into healthy job approval numbers ahead of the upcoming November midterm congressional election.

"Yes, [President Obama is] getting his legislative agenda accomplished, the problem is, this is a socialist legislative agenda the American people didn't bank on, and the more they see it, the less they like it," the Media Research Center founder and president argued in a recurring segment devoted to media bias entitled "Media Mash."

Also discussed on the July 22 program, "Good Morning America" host and former Bill Clinton staffer George Stephanopoulos downplayed terrorist threats against the United States, insisting that "if you set aside the Fort Hood bombing in Texas and the failed Christmas bomber, there has not been a major attack that has been anything close to successful on American soil."

"Think about this, for a second. If there hadn't been Pearl Harbor and the War of 1812, America has never been attacked by a foreign enemy. What kind of goofy thinking is going on here?" Bozell asked, then answered, "Here's what's going on, they're trying to go back to the Clinton years, where this wasn't a terrorist threat against the United States, where this was just an isolated case of hooligans in the Middle East causing a little bit of trouble."

"They're trying to diminish what is going on  in the world. That's why, of course, we can't call it a war on terror anymore," the MRC president complained.

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