MRC Pres Bozell on Fox & Friends to Discuss the Worst Media Quotes of 2009

December 28th, 2009 10:40 AM

The Founder and President of the Media Research Center (MRC) and Publisher Brent Bozell appeared this morning on the Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends to discuss some of the very many examples of poor reporting culled from Year 2009. 

The MRC's year-end extravaganza - the Best of Notable Quotables, is filled to the brim with the ridiculous and sublime bias of the traditional media from the past annum. 

Bozell and his hosts reviewed - and laughed vociferously - at a few select examples culled therefrom.

The video of said discussion can be found at right.

And be forewarned - ABC's Bill Weir is the Seagull Whisperer.