Andrew Breitbart: Chris Matthews Nothing More Than a Reality TV Star

March 20th, 2009 6:07 PM

Andrew Breitbart, the founding editor of the conservative Big Hollywood blog, described MSNBC "Hardball" host Chris Matthews as a reality TV star trying to keep his short-lived 1990s celebrity status alive.

BREITBART: Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann are basically Gary Busey and Jeff Conway.


BREITBART: My friend's a Beverly Hills psychiatrist who deals with the neuroses of the stars every single day. And he called me up after the thrill up the leg thing, and he said, "Andrew, that's a common side effect of a double dose of lithium."


BREITBART: So, what frustrates me as a conservative is seeing the low ratings at MSNBC, because you guys are booing it and saying don't watch it.... No, no, no. This is the path to the Promised Land. Please tell your friends to watch these people. These people are manifestly insane.

BREITBART: Chris Matthews was on our side 10 years ago.All he is is a celebrity from the 1990s who's trying to resurrect his career and relevancy. Reality television is the only path to relevancy.

Breitbart made his comments last night while accepting the Media Messiah Award on behalf of winner Chris Matthews at last night's Media Research Center Gala.