NPR Up To Same Old Tricks

Tell me if this surprises you. NPR is promoting the idea that rising oil prices will impact the midterm elections and, of course, will be the thing that turns the public against Republicans. If there was ever anyone at NPR who prayed to a higher being, this is what they would pray for.

How do they justify this hypothesis? Because in 1980, long gas lines "cost Carter his re-election".

1. Gas wasn't the only problem with Carter.
2. There are currently no gas lines that I know of, only high prices.
3. Things have changed significantly since 1980, especially in media and the access people have to information from more than 4 or 5 television monopolists and a band of like-minded newspapers.
4. Republicans aren't the ones objecting to any new drilling, requiring 40 different types of gas for 50 different states, or in the past adding new taxes to gasoline. Liberals don't solve energy issues, only complicate them.

But good luck in the elections anyway, NPR.

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