Ed Schultz: Limbaugh is an Ally of bin Laden

Attacking Rush Limbaugh for extreme comments is one thing, but calling him an ally of Osama bin Laden? Well, that kind of defeats the purpose of claiming Limbaugh is an extremist, doesn’t it?

During a “Psycho Talk” segment of “The Ed Show” on June 4, Schultz said that Limbaugh is allied with bin Laden because of his criticism of Obama.

“Psycho Talk,” I believe, is supposed to refer to what conservatives are saying, but nonetheless it seems an appropriate name for the segment.

Schulz said:
Oh, “Psycho Talk” tonight, it‘s “The Drugster,” Rush Limbaugh, although this is pretty serious, I think. This is pure hate speech. It‘s a comment that makes Limbaugh an ally of Osama bin Laden.

Here‘s the quote : “If al Qaeda wants to demolish the America we know and love, they better hurry, because Obama is beating them to it”. In one statement, Rush Limbaugh aligns President Obama with a terrorist group, people who want to take this country down.

On the other hand: In one statement, Schultz aligns Rush Limbaugh with a terrorist group, people who want to take this country down.

Schultz somehow tries to find a way to claim that disagreeing with Obama’s policy on taking over auto companies is tantamount to attacking our military personnel:
Now, I want everybody to recognize the seriousness of this kind of talk and what Rush is actually saying here. And I‘ve been trying to think all day about this.

I think this is the first time in history that someone with this big a platform and audience speaking so broadly like this about a president of the United States, he says Obama is doing a better job of demolishing America than a terrorist group, al Qaeda? I mean, this goes far beyond advocating any policy.

I think this is a slam on our military personnel or anyone wearing the uniform for America today. There are liberals and conservatives serving this country in Iraq and Afghanistan, people in this country that have given their lives to make sure this president succeeds.

Just to be clear, Limbaugh said that Obama—not the troops--was destroying the country.

Do you think people in uniform today want to see President Obama fail?

This type of speech ruins and taints America.

This is not the United States we know, and Rush Limbaugh goes unchallenged, unfortunately. I didn‘t hear anybody in the Congress nailing “The Drugster” today.

Someone who works for MSNBC thinks that Limbaugh goes unchallenged…

Now he wants Congress to get involved in attacking Limbaugh like Harry Reid did in 2007. Guess he doesn’t think Obama already spent enough time on that. Shows where his priorities are, but, then again, now that Obama can take over and bail out GM without Congressional approval, Congress doesn’t really have to do anything.

I mean, there is freedom of speech, but that comes with a responsibility. I think this is dangerous rhetoric, and I just can‘t wrap my head around the fact that there‘s a guy out there who would sell his soul, with all the success that he‘s had, he would sell his soul to get some attention in this country, to get quoted.

Rush Limbaugh, you are un-American, you are anti-American. You do not love this country, and you are rooting against America. You‘ve always hated liberals, and it‘s a sad, sad thing.
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