CNN's Sanchez: 'The Terrorists Weren't in Iraq. We Know That Now.'

On CNN Newsroom today, anchor Rick Sanchez talked about terrorism with Octavia Nasr, CNN senior editor for Arab Affairs:
SANCHEZ: And good, good, good, good, good, good. You see, this is a point that I'm trying to make, Octavia.

The terrorists weren't in Iraq. We know that now. There was really a small band of them along with the mujahedeen which became al Qaeda in Afghanistan, as we know. But we have known for 10 years now that these really bad terrorists, the guys we really should have been going after a long time ago, are in Yemen. We knew that a long time ago.
The assertion that Iraq was terrorist-free prior to our intervention has become an article of faith for liberals like alleged journalist Sanchez.  Yet it conflicts with evidence, including evidence many liberals once found compelling.  The Clinton State Department, for example, reported on Patterns of Global Terrorism 1999.  Among its findings:
Iraq continued to plan and sponsor international terrorism in 1999. Although Baghdad focused
primarily on the anti-regime opposition both at home and abroad, it continued to provide
safehaven and support to various terrorist groups. . .

Iraq continued to provide safehaven to a variety of Palestinian rejectionist groups, including the
Abu Nidal organization, the Arab Liberation Front (ALF), and the former head of the nowdefunct
15 May Organization, Abu Ibrahim, who masterminded several bombings of US aircraft.
Iraq provided bases, weapons, and protection to the MEK, an Iranian terrorist group that
opposes the current Iranian regime. In 1999, MEK cadre based in Iraq assassinated or attempted
to assassinate several high-ranking Iranian Government officials, including Brigadier General Ali
Sayyad Shirazi, Deputy Chief of Iran’s Joint Staff, who was killed in Tehran on 10 April.

As quoted in the Congressional Record, in 1992 Senator Al Gore (D-TN) said Saddam Hussein "had already conducted extensive terrorism activities, and (President George) Bush looked the other way."

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) claimed Hussein "has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al Qaeda members. . ."

Sanchez ignores liberals he usually sides with.  He says there weren't terrorists in Iraq.  Or maybe there were, but it was merely a small band.  I have to wonder: Is he auditioning for MSNBC?

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