USA Today: 'Obama Gets Thumbs Up from Focus Group'

Barack Obama's many failings are increasingly apparent.  Consequently, even the mainstream media are finding it difficult to keep up the facade.  So difficult, in fact, that USA Today now deems newsworthy the findings of a 12-person focus group conducted by a longtime Democratic operative.

USA Today's Susan Page reports the happy news in the piece "Obama gets thumbs up from focus group."  It begins:

TOWSON, Md. — President Obama has seen his approval ratings slide, but a dozen independent voters who gathered here for a roundtable discussion about politics were still inclined to give him a break.

The area residents expressed deep worry about the country's direction and a sobering view of the problems ahead. There was also a reservoir of good feeling for a president several referred to familiarly as "Barack."

Asked what he would like to say to Obama, Scott Wood, 35, who has been looking for a job since February, advised: "Don't give up yet; we haven't."

"We've found out he's not Superman," said Nora Seeley, 54, when asked what she had learned about the president during his first six months on the job. Still, she said, "things are starting to turn around."

The focus group, held Wednesday night, was sponsored by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania.

It isn't until the eighth paragraph that readers learn the session was moderated by "Democratic pollster Peter Hart."  The fifteenth paragraph also discloses a relevant fact:

Seven of the participants voted for Obama last year; four for his Republican rival, Arizona Sen. John McCain; and one for third-party candidate Ralph Nader.

And what would an Obama happy-talk article be without a little Rush Limbaugh bashing? 

"Asked whom among a dozen prominent people they would least like to be seated next to on a plane, six picked radio host Rush Limbaugh and four House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif."

Much of the mainstream media invested heavily in Obama.  They will continue promoting him and his leftist agenda, portraying him a success when the truth is very different.

A dozen people in one of the country's most reliably Democratic states realize Obama's not Superman but still hold out hope for their Barack, and it makes headlines.  Perhaps next week will bring the breaking news that Michelle Obama thinks her husband's doing a darn fine job.  

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