Chicago Tribune Plays Name That Party: 'Rangel Had Interest-Free Mortgage'

September 6th, 2008 1:01 PM
In both the printed and Web editions of today's Chicago Tribune appears the short piece, "Rangel had interest-free mortgage:"
Rep. Charles Rangel paid no mortgage interest on a beach resort property for more than 10 years, a lawyer for the powerful House committee chairman said Friday.

The New York congressman's lawyer, Lanny Davis, told The Associated Press that Rangel got his no-interest deal for the villa in the Dominican Republic because he was an original buyer in the resort development, and in the early days after the purchase the rental income failed to meet expectations.

Not mentioned is that the powerful Ways and Means Committee, which Rangels chairs, writes tax laws.  You know, laws like paying taxes on rental income. Additionally, Rangel's political party is not identified, no doubt merely an inadvertent lapse in reportage.

Guess we're really going to have to put on our thinking caps to figure out to which party Charlie belongs.  Think, think, think.  What, you already know?