Did Chicago Tribune Get Only Anti-Palin Letters to the Editor?

Mainstream media complicity to destroy the candidacy of Sarah Palin is obvious.  Numerous instances have been cited here at NewsBusters, some outrageously blatant.  Slightly more subtle bias was evident in today's print edition of the Chicago Tribune.  Nine letters to the editor were printed; eight of them were overtly anti-Palin and/or anti-Republican.  The remaining letter was a plea for "the birth control education and access" that kids "so obviously need."

A few opinions expressed in today's "Voice of the People:"

But Sarah Palin herself is entirely fair game. The Republican Party has failed governing for eight painful years, all the while rubbing family values and their self-righteousness in the faces of the rest of us. Now that it has been revealed that Palin's 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, is pregnant, the GOP is unmasked and shown to be patently hypocritical and duplicitous. It's absolutely repugnant, and the stench is sure to last well beyond Nov. 4.

Who is going to take care of the 4-month-old while Sarah Palin travels the country campaigning? The 17-year-old? For the experience?

The revelation of the pregnancy of Sarah Palin's daughter does make one curious about Palin's ambition. What would possess someone, knowing that her teenage daughter was facing an unplanned pregnancy, to accept an offer to run for national office?

If family values are so important to Palin, she should have proved it by putting her family's privacy above political ambition.

Amazingly, the "Voice of the People" is strikingly similar to the views advanced by liberal Democrats and their lapdogs in the media.  Accompanying the letters is an unflattering sketch of Sarah Palin.  Might as well cover all bases, just in case someone doesn't read the submissions.

Does anyone  - other than maybe Keith Olbermann or Jack Cafferty, who works his own magic in distilling the public's opinion - believe that 90 percent of the letters to the editor received by the Chicago Tribune are anti-Palin?  That what the newspaper printed today is a typical sampling?  I don't.

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