Need the 'Obama Mic Drop Hat'? Huffington Post Touts 20 We-Miss-Barack Accessories

For those still in complete denial and missing former President Barack Obama, the Huffington Post’s Carly Ledbetter was kind enough to supply its readers with sentimental but silly Obama family themed jewelry, clothes and other accessories. The headline? "20 Perfectly Nostalgic Items For When You’re Missing The Obamas."

Ledbetter wrote: “As the threat of nuclear war looms and President Trump’s Twitter feed continues to shoot out fiery tweets, it’s easy to pine for the Obamas. While we can’t bring Barack, Michelle, Sasha and Malia back to Pennsylvania Avenue ― and it’s nice to see them living their best lives on well-earned vacations ― we can always wear our love for them.”

-- The Barack Obama Enamel Pin, the Michelle Obama Enamel Pin, and the Michelle 2020 Enamel Pin, and the 'Thanks Obama' Enamel Pin

-- The 'I Miss Barack' Dad Cap

-- The 'Barack Obama Takes a Shot' iPhone case

-- The 'Barack Obama Mic Drop' hat

-- The Obama and Biden BFF Pins

-- The 'Michelle & Obama' Backpack

-- The 'POTUS & Family' Travel Accessories Bag

-- Barack and Michelle Obama 'Goals' shirt (showing them snuggling)

These silly souvenirs are only the latest of a long line of “we miss Obama” sentiments and for anyone who considers themselves part of the “resistance” that President Trump “isn’t my president.”

Last month, the media fawning over Barack Obama seemed like it was an all-time high. That’s a lot, considering it seems like it never ends considering he left office seven months ago. But, alas, that hasn’t stopped lefty news sites over their slobbering lovefest for the former president.

Take the smallest of things, and the media will turn it into an oh so sweet and positive piece for Obama, much like they do to Trump, though they prefer to write negative and nasty stories over the littlest of things Trump has done.

Like in an Associated Press article last month, with the less-than-objectively titled, “Oh My God, it is Obama’: Alaska mom, baby meet ex-president.” It was a story about Obama taking a selfie with a baby. That’s some truly groundbreaking stuff right there. From the Associated Press? That’s some soft sugary piece you would expect from Buzzfeed, Bustle, CNN or the Huffington Post. But don’t worry – they went there too!

The Huffington Post’s Doha Madani called Obama a “baby whisperer.” Actually, she said he will “always” be a baby whisperer. CNN’s Alexandra King also touted the “baby-whispering skills” of the former president, as did Bustle and Refinery 29.

Considering the “Miss Me Yet?” memes of former President George W. Bush came out well after a year into Obama’s presidency, the media and resistance followers have been missing their beloved #44 since before Trump even took the oath of office. It’s simply nauseating and, dare I say, a contributing factor in the liberal mentality called “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

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