Classless NYT Kicks Spicer While He’s Down After Resigning

July 24th, 2017 12:39 PM

On Saturday, The New York Times came out with one of the most insulting and disparaging op-eds by its editorial board one will see, launching a full on written assault at departing White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

In the July 22 editorial, “Sean Spicer, We’ll Always Have ‘Facts,’” the editorial board called him a “four-Pinocchio” press secretary that was drafted to the RNC’s “Big Show” — an obvious swipe comparing the Trump administration to a circus show before the administration was actually up and running.

The Times didn’t hold back, using this opportunity to scold Spicer on his disdain for the “fake news” media, even trying to use Spicer’s words of “inaccurate numbers” against him when he spoke about Trump’s inauguration numbers: “Oh Spicey, you lasted six months and a day. Or are those ‘inaccurate numbers?’”

They mocked and ridiculed Spicer with Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live, and for “giving” the media certain phrases such as “the president’s tweet speaks for itself” and “stop shaking your head.”

Their outright written attack on Spicer left nothing to the imagination for their contempt of him, noting that he was “not loved by reporters” because he banned live audio and video recordings banned news outlets from press briefings. 

“From the beginning, when an apprehensive America wondered what was ahead, you stood behind the lectern at the White House and lied… though lots of people do it now, you were a trailblazer, and nobody can take that away from you.” 

The Hill pointed out how the piece was so biting and scathing that even President Obama’s former adviser, David Axelrod, called The New York Times out in a tweet. Axelrod stated it sounded more like a hissy fit: “Snide editorial on [Spicer] beneath [NYT]…Criticisms are fair but snarkiness makes it read like a hissy fit.”

If there’s one thing this op-ed tells us, it’s what we have known all along – the mainstream media’s absolute hatred toward the Trump administration.