Singer John Legend: USA 'Already Missing' How 'Scandal-Free' Obamas Conducted Themselves

In the new Winter issue of Jocks & Nerds magazine, singer John Legend sounded more like a promotional advertisement for President Barack Obama’s presidency… than say…a celebrity entertainer interviewed for a publication.

In the interview, Legend proclaimed Obama’s eight year presidency as “scandal-free,” and that Americans are “already missing the way the Obamas conducted themselves in office.”

“Particularly when you compare them, especially with Trump and how tawdry so much of the campaign has been,” Legend continued. “I think people are appreciating how scandal-free his Presidency has been.”

The Grammy-winning artist went on to say the Obama presidency has says the Obama years have shown a gain for families and their income:“Combine that with the fact the economy is doing much better than it was before he came into office,” he said. “Unemployment’s down, incomes are rising. I think all in all, people are realizing he did a pretty great job.”

Really? He must mean the families he pals around with – the celebrity elite. Someone must’ve given Mr. Legend a copy of the left’s talking points as he speaks as though he’s seeing everything through rose colored glasses.

Perhaps Legend only considers sordid sex scandals as something that could sully a presidency, something one would see on a television series like Scandal, but for Legend’s sake, here’s a quick recap of just some of the scandals that have plagued Obama’s presidency: Fast & Furious gun-running, Solyndra, the IRS harassment of Tea Party groups, Benghazi, Hillary Clinton's private server, the Veterans Affairs hospital scandal, offering ransom to Iran for hostages. But Obama fans are just singing a song called "Let's Pretend."

Besides being an award-winning singer and acting as a mouthpiece for the Obama administration, Legend recently expanded his role into Hollywood by becoming a successful producer with his film Southside With You, a biopic that swooned over the story of Barack and Michelle Obama’s first date in Chicago.

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