Glamour Magazine, Celebs Mourn Hillary Clinton's Loss to Trump

November 25th, 2016 7:39 PM

Glamour magazine recently celebrated its 26th annual Women of the Year Award that honored not only musicians and models, but the women who founded the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the Stanford sexual assault case survivor now known as "Emily Doe," and a few more that included a man – Bono, as if that made any sense.  Perhaps that was Glamour’s way of giving a slight nod to transgenderism.

Although it was supposed to be a night for honoring those women (and Bono) chosen for the award, the evening also seemed like a viewing the night before a funeral – where a star-studded audience wasn’t grieving over the death of someone; theirs was a different kind of loss – the loss of what they considered the most deserving Woman of the Year – their modern day feminist, pantsuit-wearing, twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate and icon, Hillary Clinton.

Clinton wasn’t in the audience, but that didn't prevent their “touching” and emotional tag-team thank-you tribute to Clinton.  May her lust for power rest in peace.

The usual Hollywood suspects who supported Clinton were in full force including Lena Dunham, Shonda Rhimes, Elizabeth Banks and Chelsea Handler. Alongside a guitarist playing a melancholic tune, they listed Clinton’s achievements (this in and of itself is a feat considering Clinton herself couldn’t list her top achievement as Secretary of State.)

Still smarting after a crushing electoral-college defeat for her candidate, actress Tracee Ellis Ross opened the evening by urging guests to “make a primal sound” in response to the election results. How very ladylike.

Ross continued: "She was the first woman to win a major party nomination. The first woman to win the popular vote for the presidency…We talk about glass ceilings. Hillary Rodham Clinton may not have shattered it. But what she did do, was this."

Rhimes contributed: "She had the courage to be the one to raise her hand and say 'I will do this,' for all of us…She was outspoken and noisy and opinionated. For all of us. She had the audacity to believe she could be anything she wanted. For all of us. She went toe to toe with any bully trying to make life harder. For all of us."

Girls creator Lena Dunham, who recently went to Arizona to receive guidance from rocks after Clinton’s loss, chimed in, "All this time Hillary Rodham Clinton has been forging a path to a place where it is not only okay, it is required, to be unapologetically competitive, beautifully intelligent, and the smartest person in every room."

Banks wrapped up the gushing: “We thank you for your composure, your compassion and your grace…and for always looking so darn fierce in those freaking pantsuits.”