DNC's Wasserman Schulz Dodges Clinton FBI Question and Accusations of Clinton Favortism

April 6th, 2016 3:47 PM

Imagine if Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, told the media that he wasn’t sure if the leading presidential candidate for the Republican Party would be willing to speak with the Federal Bureau of Investigation if the agency sought an interview regarding a pending criminal investigation.

The media would eat it up and spit it right back out again. 

Of course, if it happens to be the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee who said she wasn’t sure if the leading presidential candidate for the Democratic Party – Hillary Clinton – would be willing to speak with the FBI, well, move along, nothing to see here. 

During a segment on the Monday edition of Fox Business Network’s Mornings with Maria - hosted by Maria Bartiromo, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz told Bartiromo: 

 "Those are questions you'd have to ask each of Hillary Clinton and anyone associated with Hillary Clinton," when asked about the possibility of an interview with the FBI.  Schultz continued, "I'm doing my job as a member of Congress, first and foremost, representing my district, and making sure we can get ready while this primary is unfolding, to make sure we can launch our nominee from Philadelphia…” 

Despite Schultz’s somewhat supportive view on the strained relationship between Clinton and law enforcement officials, and the fact she’s a radical feminist, Schultz claims she isn’t playing favorites in the nominating process.

When Bartiromo pressed her on the issue on her favoritism toward Clinton, and asked Schultz what she’d like to say to Bernie Sanders supporters, she responded that there was, “no shred of evidence to suggest that I'm favoring Hillary Clinton ... I'm not doing a very good job wrapping the nomination up for her if I were actually favoring Hillary Clinton. I could have worked a lot harder at it if that were what I was doing.”

Indeed, she added, “[t]here's no evidence to that effect. If I wanted to support a particular candidate, I would do exactly that. Not be DNC chair, and go support a candidate, but I truly believe that my time is best spent making sure that I can get our party ready, to make sure we can continue the progress that we've made under Barack Obama.”

Contrary to her claims, Schultz has consistently defended Clinton throughout her candidacy and even tried preventing the Sanders campaign from accessing his own valuable party voter records. Former presidential candidate Martin O'Malley had also accused Schultz of Clinton favoritism before dropping out of the race.

Where’s the outrage on Schultz dodging the Clinton FBI question as well as her unyielding support for Clinton? *crickets*