HBO Star Lena Dunham Stumps for Hillary After 'Horrific Gender Attacks' on Her Character

January 11th, 2016 1:33 PM

This past Friday, HBO Girls actress and show creator Lena Dunham was stumping at a “Women for Hillary” event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Prior to Clinton’s campaign run, Dunham had also been active during Obama’s 2012 presidential run.

This time, however, Dunham isn’t talking about “losing her virginity” when it comes to voting (a reference to her ad nauseous PSA she did for Obama in the last election.) No. This time Dunham is playing the gender card for all it’s worth, citing her own experiences as well as the “horrific gender attacks” on Clinton’s character (try to refrain from laughing.)

Lizzie Crocker from The Daily Beast writes of her pitch at millennial females:   

"At a second rally in Manchester, Dunham claimed that Clinton has endured “horrific gender attacks on every aspect of her character,” which demonstrated that “that our country has so much hatred towards successful women.” And as a successful and “newly grown up woman who has experienced my fair share of backlash, public shaming, body shaming, and puritanical judgments, that really f--king moves me.”

“It’s no secret that women’s rights matter to me. That’s why my Twitter feed is littered with so much heinous violence,” Dunham said in a joking tone, despite the fact that she wasn’t joking. “Women’s rights matter to me because, as Hillary Clinton said, women’s rights are human rights.

“We often think globally when it comes to women’s issues,” Dunham continued, “but it’s important to remember how many assaults women face every day in this country. Hillary Clinton’s commitment to reproductive justice, wage equality, and protecting working mothers is completely unparalleled.”

"Dunham has been stumping for Clinton since the September launch of her Lenny newsletter, which frequently reads like a love letter to the Democratic frontrunner; the debut edition featured an exclusive—and fawning—interview with her.”

Dunham also told the crowd of about 230 people on why they should vote for Hillary – specifically on the issues of student debt, health care, campus sexual assault, gun control, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

It’s interesting that Dunham would bring up campus sexual assault, considering she falsely accused
a man
by the name of “Barry” in college of raping her, only, after nearly destroying an innocent man’s life, to later claim that name was a pseudonym for her alleged rapist. 

With Bill Clinton’s rape and sexual harassment allegations making news on Hillary’s campaign trail again 20 years later, and in addition to Dunham’s own questionable credibility when it comes to rape allegations, it appears she has more in common with Clinton than just “gender attacks” and public shaming – the false narrative of a “war on women.”

By the way, Time also brought the goo, with a headline "Lena Dunham Brings Hillary Clinton Millennial Cred in New Hampshire" and a subhead "A voice of a generation speaks up."