Overpaid? Sen. Boxer Tells MSNBC That PP Boss Cecile Richards 'Puts Her Life on the Line'

September 30th, 2015 9:23 PM

Ultraliberal Senator Barbara Boxer appeared on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell show on Tuesday,  doing her darndest to try and create another fictional case of “the war against women” by defending Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards and her almost-$600,000 salary and taking pot-shots at presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina.
Mitchell gently asked Boxer “Do you think that that is an inappropriately high salary for someone working in women’s health services?” Boxer responded: “Absolutely, I do not think it is. If you look at CEO salaries across the board, and Cecile Richards essentially puts her life on the line in this job.”

Interesting statement from Boxer, considering because of Richards and Planned Parenthood, hundreds of thousands of lives are killed every year.

Boxer went on to call the questioning of the abortion boss's salary a personal assault and those people “ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

“All they want to do is hurt women. It’s the war on women. It’s a sad day, and I stand in solidarity with the women and men of America who believe that women should be respected, that the right to choose is a personal choice. Everyone should make it for themselves. We don’t use federal funds for abortion. It’s very clear. They’re frustrated because they don’t know how to make abortion illegal. They know they can never do it. So they want to conduct a witch hunt against Planned Parenthood.”

Then Boxer really lays it on thick with a war-on-women tirade, telling Mitchell:

“They want to take us back, Andrea. It’s very serious. It’s going to be a big issue in the presidential race. It should be. Let the American people decide if they respect women’s choices or they want to go back to the days when women were considered criminals and doctors were considered criminals if they had an abortion.”

As for Carly Fiorina, when asked about her successful climb in the polls, Boxer said of her one time Senate rival:

Look, I beat her by ten points, a landslide, in a year that was horrific for Democrats. It wasn't because of me. I'd love to think it was. It was because the California people who had a chance to choose went with the person who told the truth versus a person who played fast and loose with the facts. And it's terrible to see a woman, the only woman running for president [Hillary who?], attack Planned Parenthood that helps so many millions of women. It's a sad day, but it's the way it is. Not all women are going to fight for women. Carly Fiorina does not. She fights for herself and she'll say almost anything to get elected.

No Barbara, it’s a sad day when a female senator cries that there’s a “war on women” yet attacks another female running for president for her beliefs. Talk about sisterhood.  Only when it’s convenient.