Salon's Minaj Tweet Raises 'Savage' Ire of Self-Appointed Social Justice Warriors

Left-wing website got a taste of its own politically-correct medicine when they recently tweeted about the verbal smack-down that rapper Nicki Minaj gave pop-tart singer/exhibitionist Miley Cyrus at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night.

In case you missed the high school drama, here’s what Minaj said: 

And now, back to this bitch who had a lot to say about me the other day in the press. Miley, what’s good?

Minaj was referring to interviews Cyrus recently gave, suggesting she was making criticisms out of personal interest, not political principle. Teasing a story on thisSalon sent out a click-baity not-so-politically correct tweet that ruffled feathers:

The look on Miley’s face during Nicki Minaj’s savage, expletive-laden rant says it all 

Almost as soon as the tweet was sent, the backlash started from tweeters who went on a social media tirade against the liberal site for use of the term "savage," which, apparently, was taken as, well, racist.

Trying to quell any anger or implication of being labeled a racist, Salon then tweeted:

The look on Miley’s face during Nicki Minaj’s raw, righteous rebuke says it all.

After their lame attempt to make things right, Salon issued an apology within the hour:

Earlier today we used a poor choice of words in describing Nicki Minaj's VMA acceptance speech. We apologize to Ms. Minaj and our readers.

That apology still didn’t help temper down emotions. The damage was done.

Tsk,tsk, Salon.  Didn’t it ever occur to you that you used a "trigger" word for racism in your tweet?  You can’t have the word “savage” used when describing Nicki Minaj- that just SCREAMS racism!

For as many times as Salon likes to point out fictional racist trigger words in other media sites – mostly conservative, they are now on the receiving end of their hypocrisy. I wonder how they feel of being falsely accused of something that was taken out of context by a left-wing social-media mob?

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