Olbermann: Palin a 'Phony,' 'Idiot'

Name-calling isn't just for 6-year-olds anymore.

Keith Olbermann proved once again that Sarah Palin is the media's favorite conservative to hate, mock and condemn when he called Palin an "idiot" who endorses "stupidity instead of intelligence."

Olbermann named "Sister Sarah" his "Worst Person in the World" on "Countdown" June 28 after Palin mistakenly said Ronald Reagan's alma mater was "California's Eureka College" during a speech at Cal State Stanislaus. Reagan attended Eureka College in his native state of Illinois.

In addition to labeling her speech a "gaffe fest," Olbermann called her mistake "symbolic of her imbecility, her corner-cutting," saying it was one of "perhaps, 100 things that brand her as a phony."

One wonders where Olbermann's outrages was when then-candidate Obama mistakenly said in June 2008 that he'd been to 57 states.

This isn't the first time Olbermann has unleashed on a conservative woman. Olbermann gave Palin the moniker "Worst Person in the World" last May after Palin refused to appear on his show. Olbermann also called her "idiot-woman" once and "idiot" twice after Palin nixed a "Countdown" appearance.

Olbermann has also ridiculed Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in the past by comparing her son's participation in Teach for America to a Star Wars-like crossing over to "the dark side."

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Olbermann also called Palin "sick" and an "out of control liar" for "cutting" her state's special-needs program. The accusation was misleading-Palin had really increased the program's funding by 10 percent.

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