Open Thread: College Majors Get Graded

College professors are always assigning grades to their students but what would happen if the subjects they teach were graded in terms of income-earning potential?

Thanks to the Chronicle of Higher Education, we can now see what the average lifetime earning potential is for different majors. It probably comes as no surprise that majors like "community organizing" or counseling psychology make very little. What might surprise is just how little that is. Chart and commentary are below the fold.

Chart is below (click here if your computer screen resolution stops you from viewing the full-width chart):

As you can see, the lifetime median salary, i.e. the average of everyone up till retirement age in the field with a degree, of someone with a degree in community organization is $38,000 per year. Counseling psychology fares even worse, with expected lifetime salaries averaging just $29,000.

The chart above is something that every parent of high school or junior high kids should keep handy. Certainly it's not going to be popular among college administrators who just want your (and the government's) money.

Hat tip: Maetenloch at Ace of Spades.

Higher Education Open Thread
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