YouTube Reinstates Pro-life Show After Removal

After provoking a small scandal among pro-lifers, YouTube has restored a video which it had previously removed from its database. The show, produced by the American Life League, was originally yanked by YouTube after being "flagged" as inappropriate by YouTube viewers.

Now that the video has been restored, it seems that this was yet another case of liberals abusing YouTube's flag feature. Originally designed to alert the video sharing service of inappropriate content or copyright violations, flagging is often the tool of angry people upset at speech they find disagreeable. (Many Muslims seem to be similarly inclined.)

Over the years, we've documented several instances where YouTube has given in to censorial lefties' demands to censor conservatives. Has YouTube reformed things after acquiring a reputation for not being tolerant of non-liberal speech? If you're a YouTube ad salesperson you really have to hope so. The fact that no one has attempted to ban our "NewsBusted" show from YouTube suggests this may be the case, as does the email the sharing service sent to ALL stating the video was removed "due to a technical malfunction."

Let's wait and see. I have more confidence in a new medium like YouTube to realize and correct biases than I do for older ones like newspapers or TV. Here's to hoping that YouTube creates a positive climate for conservative speech. </liberalspeak>

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