CNN's Brian Todd Interviews Anarchists, Omits They're Anarchists

Video Still of Anarchists' Protests at G-20 Summit in Pittsburg, September 2009 | Newsbusters.orgCNN correspondent Brian Todd featured anarchist protesters at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh during a report on Friday’s Situation Room, but despite their clear political affiliation, didn’t mention their extreme background.

Todd devoted the first half of his report from the western Pennsylvania city to the protesters’ march. As the correspondent noted the “audible frustration on the streets by people who feel powerless over what they see as backroom deals made by a powerful few,” Todd ran video from the march where the oft-used half black, half red anarchy (more specifically, anarcho-syndicalist) flag was clearly visible (see above).

The political affiliation of some of the protesters became even clearer when the CNN correspondent played a clip from his interview of a participant in the march, who, like his companions, were dressed entirely in black, including a black bandanna which obscured his face. This tactic, known as a “black bloc,” is often used by anarchists.

Despite these obvious symbols, Todd used only the generic term “protesters” during the report. This contrasts to CNN’s explicit mention of the supposed “dark undercurrent” at recent Tea Parties, and its labeling opponents of President Obama as “insane.”

The transcript of the relevant portion of Todd’s report, which aired 50 minutes into the 4 pm Eastern hour of Friday’s Situation Room:

WOLF BLITZER: Meanwhile, leaders are trying to chart a course for the global economy in Pittsburgh. One thing they have decided on: from now on, the G-20 will be the primary body for coordinating global economic policy. What they decide there will affect so many people around the world. So some protesters say you should be privy to the discussions as well.

Let’s bring in, once again, CNN’s Brian Todd. He’s on the scene for us. Brian?

BRIAN TODD: Well, Wolf, some of those protesters are actually winding down their latest march today. They’re crossing the Seventh Street Bridge going home. This was a peaceful day of protests. Now, as is often the case with these economic summits, this one’s been a real study in contrast, between the decisions made at the very high-level meetings in that convention center, and the realities in the city itself.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE PROTESTER 1 (chanting): Tell me what democracy looks like. (Other protesters chant back, ‘This is what democracy looks like.’)

Brian Todd, CNN Correspondent; & unidentified anarchists | NewsBusters.orgTODD (voice-over): Less than two miles from the summit meeting, audible frustration on the streets by people who feel powerless over what they see as backroom deals made by a powerful few.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE PROTESTER 2: We’re here to march on- on the summit where they makes decisions about the economy of the world behind closed doors.

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