CNN’s D. L. Hughley Ends Show, Days After He Called Republicans Nazis

D. L. Hughley, CNN Host | NewsBusters.orgLess than a week after stating that the Republican National Convention “literally look[s] like Nazi Germany,” D. L. Hughley has decided to end the run of his CNN program. Both Entertainment Weekly and the TVNewser blog gave the official CNN statement on the matter: “D.L. approached CNN about being permanently based in Los Angeles, where his family lives. To accommodate this, we agreed upon a new role where he will be a contributor for the network based in Los Angeles. We are eager to continue our relationship with D.L., who is a tremendous talent and a valued colleague.”

It’s not surprising that despite this incendiary remark, Hughley is still considered to be a “valued colleague.” As my fellow NewsBuster Tim Graham reported earlier on Thursday, it was none other than CNN president Jonathan Klein who put the comedian on the network, and gave him the green light to “run amok” on his program.

Hughley certainly has a history of “running amok” towards conservatives, the “Nazi” comparison notwithstanding. An AP article cited by Graham includes a quote from the comedian where he compares the supporters of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to the Ku Klux Klan. In 2006, he ridiculed the Christian faith of President George W. Bush on Bill Maher’s HBO program: “If I hear one more person tell me how this man is a man of faith, I think I’ll lose my mother-f***ing mind.... When thousands and thousands of people were being, dying in New Orleans, this son of a bitch didn’t do sh*t, and that’s very un-Christlike to me.”

So despite the end of his program, it certainly appears that Hughley will still have a secure role on CNN to bash conservatives.

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