Newsweek Singles Out Southern Governor’s Self-Deprecating Humor on Alcohol

There's been an interesting "disturbance in the Force" involving the press and its singling out of the South concerning environmental issues and alcohol.

Last Friday, CNN's John Roberts used a story on a drought affecting the production of Jack Daniel's whiskey in Tennessee to fire a quick drive-by-style hit on Southern conservatives, their apparent love of whiskey, and their doubt of global warming.

Only a few days later, Newsweek's latest issue chose to print a quote from the Republican governor of Alabama in their "Perspectives: Quotes in the News" section.

"In Alabama we have had experience turning corn into alcohol for years."

-Gov. Bob Riley, joking about the state's history of moonshining as he filled up a Chevrolet Impala with ethanol-based fuel. About 2,000 state vehicles will start using alternative fuel to save money and help the environment.

Sandra Gellings of Birmingham, Alabama, a reader of Newsweek, submitted the quote, which was originally published in the Birmingham News. Usually, the last quote in the "Perspectives" section comes from an unknown person, and deals with lighter subject matter.

The fact that Newsweek chose this particular quote over others may give another glimpse into how the mainstream media thinks and operates.

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