Disney-ABC Television’s Corporate Liberal Agenda Comes Back to Bite Them

July 11th, 2017 2:24 PM

Editor's Note: The following has been adapted with the author's permission from its original publication on Carolina Culture Warrior. To be fully transparent, the author also owns shares in ABC (as previously disclosed).

As previously documented, The Walt Disney Company – although continuing to have box-office hits – continues to be hurt by the collapse of its leftist Disney-ABC Television Group.  If none of their outfits continued to allow the persistent liberalism, then the whole division will be doomed, let alone cause even more problems for the entertainment conglomerate. 

Disney-ABC president Ben Sherwood destroyed that once-profitable division and now, they’re showing their utter desperation. Not only is ABC suffering from poor ratings, but their cable networks are suffering disastrous losses.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Disney-ABC’s youth-oriented cable channels, including Disney Channel and Freeform, are now the latest victims of the massive subscription losses that are plaguing ESPN. Disney Channel, for example, lost over 4 million subscribers in just 3 years. How embarrassing.

If you want proof of their leftist tilt, then check out these outrageous instances of leftist sleaze from two original shows seen on Freeform, The Bold Type and Young & Hungry:

Jacqueline: Well, I am so happy to see all your bright, shining, young, ethnically, sexually, and gender-diverse faces this morning so we can hammer out the issues that really matter to today’s woman. Lauren, why don’t you get us started?

Lauren: And moving forward to our health section, we have a fantastic article about the best way to broach uncomfortable concerns with your gynecologist.

Richard: I’d like to flag a concern about the word “Punani.”

Lauren: The article specifically says, “Don’t call it your punani.”

Richard: Understood, but in the past, we’ve been criticized by a small but very vocal Indian group who believes that the word has been unfairly misappropriated. I’d rather swap it out and avoid any kind of backlash.

Lauren: Any problems with the word “Vajayjay”?

Kat: Uh, yeah. It’s not 2006.

Lauren: We can skip the next two pages. We had to pull the article over a legal issue.

Kat: Wait, is that the, uh– the lesbian Muslim artist story? We think this will have a huge social-media reach.

Lauren: Unfortunately, it’s a moot point. The artist initially agreed to let us run her photographs, but reneged at the last minute.

Alan: To thrupples.

All: Thrupples!

Manager: Guys, the hotel would like to commemorate your special relationship with a picture of the three of you kissing.

Elliot: Oh, no! I, uh, got a cold. Achoo.

Manager: You know, if I found out you were faking it just to get the free nights, I’d have to charge you.

Alan: Wait one second, mister! How dare you question the moral integrity of this thrupple!

Elliot: Yeah! We’re the real deal.

Yolanda: That’s right, honey. We’re a pudding parfait. Chocolate on the top, butterscotch in the middle, and vanilla on the bottom.

Manager: Oh, good. So you don’t mind proving it by kissing in the kissing booth.

Alan: Not at all.

Elliot: Our Pleasure.

Yolanda: Where’s the tequila? …There you go, honey. Proof is in the pudding. Vanilla, Butterscotch, let’s bounce.

Genius writing, huh? And not to be left out, the Disney Channel and sister network Disney XD made programming decisions that parent groups and conservatives have found questionable.

As mentioned in this space before, the poor, alienating business decisions being made by Sherwood are putting Disney in quite a predicament. Not even their surging theme park attendance or the continuing successes of the films released from Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, or even the ongoing comeback of their flagship feature animation division, can save the television division from hemorrhaging money and viewers.

Speaking of all this, I will be in Anaheim, California to cover the company’s 2017 D23 Expo. Let’s hope that their television division announces something that does not openly push a left-wing agenda.