Piers Morgan Links to Fake News Report to Mock Sarah Palin

Piers Morgan used a fake news site to mock Sarah Palin on Twitter on Thursday. He linked to the satirical news site The Daily Currant saying that Palin claimed Jesus celebrated Easter.

"And she's back!" Morgan gloated, with absolutely no mention that the article was fake. When critics told him the website was satire, Morgan answered that he knew it was. Yet he praised the notion that it was believable.

"That's the beauty of it," Morgan wrote when someone tweeted that it was "hilarious even if its fake. Why? I believed it."

That wasn't the first time Morgan has derided Palin. He laughed when comedian Lewis Black dismissed Palin as a "fictional character" and responded that "You couldn't invent someone like Sarah Palin, could you?"

On his CNN show, guest Bill Maher vilified Palin and Bachmann.

Morgan also let anti-Palin author Joe McGinniss come on his show and explain how the Palins actually incited the death threats that came his wasy.

When a prime-time CNN host uses a mock report to laugh at Sarah Palin, the network's claim of being non-partisan comes into question, not to mention its professionalism.

(H/T Washington Free Beacon)

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