Piers Morgan Wants 'Fascinating' Bill Clinton to Still Be President

CNN's Piers Morgan fawned over the Clinton family on his Wednesday night show and on Thursday morning's New Day. He lamented that Bill Clinton can't still be president.

In his interview at the Clinton Global Initative, Morgan boosted Bill with this glowing introduction: "There is no better person to explain what's going on in Washington and the world for that matter, but Bill Clinton. The former commander in chief is honest, blunt, and fascinating."

On Thursday's New Day, Morgan slammed the 22nd Amendment, as he has done before, because otherwise Bill Clinton would still be president.

"I talk a lot about the Second Amendment, as you know, on my show and gun control and so on. But the 22nd Amendment to me is even more flawed because that's the one that stops presidents serving more than two terms," he said. "Bill Clinton would still be president now," he added. "He'd be president for another 20 years."

Last year, Morgan's vitriol against the "goddammed 22nd Amendment" won him the MRC's "Media Hero Award" for 2012. He had related to Bill how he wanted him to be Great Britain's Prime Minister.

Since Bill couldn't be president, Morgan on Wednesday asked about Hillary's presidential ambitions. He praised her, "she looks completely re-invigorated. She seemed absolutely on fire with ideas and dynamism and so on, and it just screamed to me one thing. I'm running."

And Morgan threw softballs to Bill and Chelsea, once asking Bill "who do you think might make the better president, your wife or your daughter?"

He asked Chelsea, "Have you ever thought of, you know, running for high office?" After her answer, he remarked, "This is why you'd be so perfect. You managed to talk for an entire minute without referring remotely to either yes or no."

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