CNN Anchors Cheer DOMA Gutting; Hype Court Decisions as 'Watershed Moment In History'

CNN anchors cheered the Supreme Court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) on Wednesday, and hyped the Court's decisions on same-sex marriage as a "watershed moment in history."

Host Piers Morgan spiked the ball on DOMA's grave, tweeting "RIP bigotry. #SCOTUS #DOMA". Openly-gay anchor Don Lemon tweeted "Big day for civil rights. #lgbt. #cnn".

Midway through the 11 a.m. hour of Newsroom, anchor Ashleigh Banfield hyped the judicial victories for same-sex marriage advocates:

 "So as we've been reporting this hour, it is a watershed moment in history, today. The Supreme Court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act. At least the most significant part of it that's been so embattled. Paving the way for same-sex marriages also in California. That whole Prop 8, out the window."

Meanwhile, anchor Chris Cuomo lectured someone via Twitter not to "judge what doesn't affect you," referring to same-sex marriage. He had previously tweeted "Plz free to attack me, but remember on s/s marriage: in America people can have the right to do things that not everyone likes," he tweeted. When the responder tweeted "So YOU are saying what?" Cuomo lectured him, "respect the law. And maybe, don't judge what doesn't affect you. If u are anti s/s marriage...don't do it."

Correspondent Joe Johns, reporting from the Supreme Court, touted the "pretty extraordinary moment here." Another correspondent, Brian Todd, interviewed three different gay rights advocates in front of the Supreme Court just before and after the DOMA decision was announced.

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