Piers Morgan Trolls Conservative Radio Host as She Tweets from Gun Range

May 6th, 2013 10:46 AM

After conservative radio host Dana Loesch tweeted about firing "all manner" of guns with friends at her local range this past weekend, CNN's resident gun police Piers Morgan swooped in to badger her.

Twitchy had the exchange. Morgan mocked Loesch's gun range tweet, "Yee-haw!" and pointed out, for all those unaware, that the AR-15 rifle she tweeted a picture of was "The assault rifle used at Aurora & Sandy Hook." When Loesch replied that everyone shooting were "law-abiding citizens," Morgan invoked the Newtown shooter's mother: "Like Mrs Lanza?"

Trolling conservatives who are enjoying a Sunday at the gun range can be added to Morgan's extensive list of exploits, which include silencing gun advocates, mocking their pocket constitutions on his show, and referring to the NRA executive vice president as "America's most dangerous man."

Loesch enjoyed a couple of laughs later on, including tweeting, "I'm sitting in a restaurant with 22 of my closest conservative friends from all over & we are laughing at Morgan's guntrums (gun tantrums)." Morgan responded by bragging about his number of Twitter followers: "I've got 3.4m followers laughing at you." Although some of his followers disagreed with that claim.