Piers Morgan Wants CNN Anchors to Get More 'Provocative,' 'Opinionated'

Liberal CNN host Piers Morgan wants the network's anchors to be more opinionated on-air, as he told The Hollywood Reporter. "We should collectively as a network be more aggressive, more provocative, more debate-y," he opined.

Morgan's gun control Twitter rant just hours after the Aurora shooting, as well as his own laughably slanted show that night points to what he'd like to see more of if he got his way – not that he hasn't already accomplished that himself.

"I have become increasingly vocal on my show about these very issues, totally unafraid to say what I think," he said, complaining that at CNN, "There has been a slight timidity internally in not wanting to be provocative or opinionated on air because you could stray into being partisan."

In short, Morgan would like the liberal anchors at CNN to be more overt about their stances. He denied a network bias, however. "Certainly at CNN there's a presumption that we lean to the left. I don't see it," he claimed. 

Read the full interview here.

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