Republicans Rip Soledad O'Brien for Being 'Advocate,' Obama Hack

Over at Politico, Republicans who have had to endure the Obama spin from CNN's Soledad O'Brien are talking about her painfully evident bias, all while O'Brien has arrogantly compared interviewing one of them with talking to her children.

Former New Hampshire governor John Sununu called her a Democratic hack. "There's Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Stephanie Cutter, and Soledad O'Brien," he told Politico. "She [O'Brien] is so committed to Obama she doesn't even know what she's doing." Romney adviser Barbara Comstock said "she's not a reporter, she's an advocate."

When Comstock appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 in August, guest-host O'Brien fired off a Democratic senator's quote featured on the liberal blog Talking Points Memo. Comstock believed that moment -- O'Brien reading her question from a liberal blog -- "really kind of captured her reporting."

Yet O'Brien staunchly defends her journalistic impartiality, claiming to keep both sides honest. Almost all of her memorable dust-ups have come against Republican guests, however. And when she tore into New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor back in January, it was over a rather trifling (and accurate) detail in Kantor's book The Obamas that made the White House look bad.

In her repeated efforts to pin Republicans to the wall, O'Brien has tripped over key facts like claiming President George W. Bush was more of a "food stamp president" than Obama -- despite the percentage of the U.S. population on food stamps, as well as the number of Americans on food stamps, jumping under Obama after increasing during Bush's term.

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