The Daily Kos Loves Soledad O'Brien: 'The Best Thing to Happen to Journalism'

October 23rd, 2012 5:01 PM

Guess who loves CNN's Soledad O'Brien? The liberals at the Daily Kos! They think she's "the best thing to happen to journalism" and have suggested starting a petition for her to supplant David Gregory as host of NBC's Meet the Press.

"Sure, O'Brien does criticize the Tea Party and others in the GOP heavily but that doesn't necessarily make her a partisan. I mean, she's a frickin' journalist," wrote member "pipsorcle." Yes, even the Daily Kos admits that O'Brien goes after the GOP an awful lot.

"Need you further proof that Soledad O'Brien is the best thing to happen to journalism?" wrote another member after O'Brien grilled Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) over voting to cut funding for embassy security. That was hailed as a "glorious exchange."

And the Daily Kos wants O'Brien to replace NBC's host of Meet the Press, David Gregory, because the show "doesn't have the same thrill" as before and "a number of people on Daily Kos have characterized David Gregory as a tool, a would-be journalist or even a pawn for the GOP."

However, "Soledad O'Brien is an outstanding journalist who is well known for her tough questioning of others she interviews yet at the same time, she's not exactly a partisan."

So O'Brien fulfills the liberal Daily Kos criteria: a "non-partisan" journalist who's not afraid of verbal altercations (from the left). Looking at her sparring matches with Republican guests and impassioned defenses of Obama, they have a point.

Meanwhile, O'Brien defended her feisty style in an online Q&A session for the publication Jezebel. Answering what she would do if she were a debate moderator, she wrote "i'd be a little more aggressive with time, with cutting people off, with pushing people on factual errors. i cut people off, i get criticized for it, but honestly politicians will go on interminably if you don't."