CNN Says Economists 'Reluctantly' Favor Romney Over Obama 3-to-1

Although a CNNMoney survey had economists by a three-to-one margin saying a Mitt Romney presidency would be better for the economy than another term of President Obama, the report's title said they "reluctantly" chose Romney.

"And many of those picking Romney were more critical of, as opposed to excited about, the Republican challenger's plans," the report read. Would CNNMoney have reported that economists "reluctantly" picked President Obama by a three-to-one margin?

Of the 17 economists surveyed, nine said Romney would be better for the economy than Obama; only three chose Obama. Five economists picked neither candidate.

And CNN pushed criticisms from Obama supporters down to the last graph. "But those who picked Obama are hoping things will be different if the president wins a second term," said the report. "Obama could be in a better position to enact reforms on entitlement spending and reach a deal on deficit reduction than Romney, according to one economist."

NewsBusters could not find a similar CNNMoney survey from 2008 during the Obama-McCain presidential race. However, there was this gem from June of 2008 where CNNMoney reported that, according to economists, the economy would be stronger and unemployment would be lower a year later in June of 2009.

To read the CNNMoney article, click here.

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