CNN Hypes Romney Tape as 'Monumental Gaffe,' 'Manna from Heaven for the Left'

Who needs campaign staff when you have CNN to tout your "very, very damaging" attack ad? Host Piers Morgan gave President Obama some free publicity Tuesday night while CNN kept the anti-Romney media firestorm raging.

"I'm going to play a new Obama ad which basically sums up how he's going to attack him [Romney]. And it's very, very damaging. Watch this," Morgan told his guests, after he hyped Romney's "monumental gaffe" about the 47 percent of Americans paying no income taxes.

"I mean on the face of it, this is a monumental gaffe, isn't it, by Mitt Romney?" Morgan asked liberal columnist Charles Blow. Host Erin Burnett called it "manna from heaven for the left" on her OutFront show.

"Are you guys rubbing your hands with glee?" Morgan teed up Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.). "Do you think it's a game-changing moment in this election battle?"

CNN also boosted the Obama campaign spin that Romney is out of touch with ordinary Americans.

"And it also reinforces the anti-Romney narrative that he is out of touch, that he doesn't understand the problems of ordinary Americans. And that's not what the Romney campaign wants to do right now," sounded political analyst Gloria Borger.  

"Part of his problem, Donald, it seems, is he [Romney] seems to have this inability to talk in a way that people find relatable to the common man and woman in America," Piers Morgan told guest Donald Trump.  

Earlier on Tuesday, anchor Brooke Baldwin said the Romney campaign faces a "tsunami" of problems. That hype continued into the evening with CNN issuing a dire outlook for the Romney campaign. Morgan stated, "if you're Mitt Romney, you are in big trouble," citing poll numbers.

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