Piers Morgan and Rosie O'Donnell Bash 'Anti-Homosexuals' Republicans

CNN's Piers Morgan never even tried to conceal his support for gay marriage while he hosted "special guest" Rosie O'Donnell for the one-year anniversary of his prime-time CNN show. The Tuesday interview morphed into a GOP-bashing festival as the two liberals derided some Republicans for their "anti-gay" remarks. Morgan never pressed O'Donnell about her past espousal of 9/11 "truther" conspiracies.

O'Donnell slammed America as a "backward nation in many ways" after being egged on by her interviewer on the topic of homosexuality. Morgan had branded certain GOP presidential candidates as "anti-homosexuals" and expressed his dismay at "the virulence of their rhetoric."

The liberal CNN host brazenly celebrated the rising number of states that have legalized same-sex marriage, comparing such events with the election of Obama. "These are big, big moments for America, aren't they?" he touted. "In the same way that Barack Obama became the first black president."

And Morgan never seriously tried to provide the conservative side of the debate on homosexuality and same-sex marriage. The closest he got was acknowledging that Republicans have a conservative base to please – before adding that they could not get away with such anti-gay statements in Europe.

"But I was still quite taken aback," he said of GOP statements against homosexual behavior. "Because it's – there aren't many countries actually, certainly not in Europe, where a politician could say those kind of things and get away with it."

For a transcript of the segment, click here.

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