CNN Asks Elmo to Solve Partisan Crisis

CNN's Erin Burnett implored Sesame Street's Elmo on Monday to "solve the world's problem right now" in an interview at the end of her new prime-time evening show.

Apparently "The Most Trusted Name In News" was trying to get taken even more seriously as Burnett sought wisdom from Sesame Street's furry character. Burnett posed to Elmo that in Washington "everybody hates each other. Nobody will do anything together and it's hurting America. How do you fix it, Elmo?"

"Play dates" was the children's show star's answer. "Like put a Democrat and a Republican play dates?" Burnett asked earnestly. "Harry Reid and John Boehner play dates?"

"Play dates. And everybody brings their own food," Elmo responded.

We'll leave it up the audience to picture Harry Reid and John Boehner sitting together on a picnic blanket sharing their food. However, Burnett seemed convinced it was a real solution. "I think that might solve it. It's better than anything we've tried so far, Elmo," she playfully admitted.


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