NY Times Ad Brags of Bringing a Couple Together, Inspires YouTube Parodies

A New York Times commercial that has spawned multiple parodies brags that "the best journalists in the world work at the Times – and there's no debating that." The spot, which is in heavy rotation on the liberal MSNBC, presumably isn't referring to embarrassing reporters such as the disgraced Jayson Blair.

The rest of the commercial certainly smacks of elitism and features the Times boasting of its extraordinary powers.

The ad begins with a couple claiming that the newspaper was responsible for bringing them together. "I think it was the Sunday Styles that brought us together," the girl enthuses. "I think it was the Weekend Review," the guy counters.

Another male, presumably in his twenties, fawns over the paper and says that having it delivered is "the best part of my weekend."

The commercial features the type of audience that the Times apparently believes it caters to – young, intelligent, stylish, and diverse. They are in the "center of the conversation" – and you should be too, the ad explains.

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